World War II Fighter Ace

Finally a world war ace (at least for an hour). Recently had a chance to fly a T6-Texan built in 1943 for the Army Air Corp. This plane was later part of the Spanish Air force until the late 1990's. A belated birthday present from my wife, the Owner an engineer from NASA's Johnson Spaceflight Center in Houston was in Culpepper Virgina for an air show. In addition to flying the tail dragger and logging time in my log book - we were able to fly a number of aerobatic maneuvers inverted loops, imelmans, dutch rolls, etc. utlimately pulling 3.7 G's! Made my flight home in my own plane a bit uneventful! Amazing that the aviators of the day were willing to climb into one of these and head off to face the enemy. Lucky for all of us they did.

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