They don't build them like this anymore!

No - not a trip to Greece - but found this little gem when driving the backstreets of Nashville Tennesse last month. We were down to give a presentation on our recently completed new Reading High School at the Council For Educational Facilties Planners International (CEFPI) annual conferance. Rather than being 2000 years old this building was apparently a scale reproduction sculpted in 1897 as the centerpiece of the Nashville Worlds Fair. It was a natural choice for Nashinville was known at the time as the Athens of the south. Although the original is a ruin, destroyed by the Turks in the some long last 16th century war - it is in facta faithful reproduction. Intended to be temporary as were the other structures of that world fair - all of which are long gone - it is a bit ironic that a temporary building like this has proven more lasting than newer modern structures.

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