Orlando 2012

Every have one of those days? The building in the background definitely reminds me of the state of the Architectural profession today! This building is the Ripley Believe It or Not Museum in Orlando. I had a chance to see it when down there a couple of weeks back when I was a featured speaker at the 2011 School Building Construction/American Institute of Architects Committee on Architecture for Education Winter Conference.
Looks to be a busy spring as I have been invited for a number of speaking engagements this spring at Columbia University at the end of March to the NE Council Of Educational Facilities Planners (on strategies we employed to break down the student body size at the new Reading Citadel HS), the Utah State Chapter of the American Institute of Architects Annual Conference in Salt Lake City in April (on School District Optimization Planning using GIS), and a combined meeting of the Erie Center For Design/Grow Erie Annual Dinner in May (on several of our green adaptive reuse conversion projects). Will see what interesting buildings I can find when there. I suspect in New York the most interesting building will be a non-building - the "High Line" - a conversion of a former elevated railroad viaduct on Manhattans east side into a 30 block long vegetated park in the sky!

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