Had an opportunity yesterday to address a group at the Green Building Association of Central PA's annual Technical Conference at Harrisburg Area Community College. The requested topic was a case study of a green school our firm had designed. After some thought I decided to use a new High School project we designed about ten years ago. After a great beginning - it was one of the first schools in the state to be designed in accordance with LEED (before LEED was widely known) - a taxpayer revolt unseated the school board and adminsitration. The new group was not very interested in all that hippy tree hugging stuff. When a few installation and owner training issues arose - that made for a volitile mix. After 30 minutes discussing the warts and blemishes of that building with the group of about 60 folks - it was surprising how many architects/engineers cornered me afterwards admitting they have had the same problem - but never had the confidence to admit it. All in all a soul healing moment for me.

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